Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keeping Dry Naturally in Hot Weather!

Now that it's heating up outside it is time to think about your skin in a different way than you did when it was cold. In the winter we needed moisture, moisture and more moisture! Now we need to keep dry! Perspiration can cause all sorts of problems for our skin. Rash, chafing, fungus, and ulcers just to name a few. The solution may already be in your cabinet... There's a safe and natural remedy right in your local grocery store. Cornstarch! Yep, just like Grandma used to use. It is one of the best ways to defeat perspiration in those shall we say, warm spots. There is no need to rush out and buy those expensive highly perfumed (often irritating) powders. Simply apply a little cornstarch as needed under arms, in skin folds or anywhere else a little cool silky powder might help. This is especially important for babies and their sensitive skin. Always try to keep baby under arms, leg and neck folds clean and dry to avoid bacterial and fungal growth.


  1. Great post. I would have never thought about using corn starch.

  2. How useful, easy ti apply and ceap! Thank you