Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Me" Time?

I was trying to take a much needed "me" time break Saturday night and was wondering how often everyone else steals a little personal time and what do you do? Between mommy, wife, house and business/work duties I never seem to have time to just relax and focus on myself. When I do I either lock myself in the bathroom for a relaxing bath, give myself a pedicure and paint my nails or watch a "chick flick" with a BIG bowl of ice cream (a bowl of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch does the trick also).
The other night I made a late night run to Walmart by myself which was absolutely fantastic! I enjoyed the drive so much. It was warm out, so I rolled the windows down and listened to music with adult content (no Backyardigans, Barney or Yo Gabba Gabba)! It was NICE! I felt free as I sped through the back country roads, music blaring, and wind whipping my hair. When I got back home I was refreshed! Who knew a trip to the store could be soooo damn good?
What do you do and how often?

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